Singh is an expert negotiator, having learned his negotiation tools and traits from diverse cultures. Singh has represented clients in India, U.S.A., Canada and has successfully consulted with State Governments, Judiciary, not for profit and for-profit businesses and  Churches and Schools. His negotiation traits are based on the values of respect, assertion, and empathy. 


He has trained hundreds of business professionals, graduate law and business students in negotiation theory and practice and has received remarkable evaluations. He currently teaches Cross-Cultural Negotiations course at Pepperdine University, University of Southern California, and Hamline University. 


Singh is passionate for mediation. Having successfully resolved hundreds of mediations, he takes a select number of cases each year. Dr. Singh has practiced mediation in:

-Church Disputes

-Public Policy Disputes

-Business to Bussiness Conflicts

-Commercial Disputes

-Faith-Based Conflict

-Family Conflict

-Cross-Border Conflict

Dr.  Singh currently teaches Mediation Theory and Practice at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law.


Starting with his Arbitration training at the University of Missouri-Law, Dr. Singh has been invited to Arbitrate complex commercial and complex religious disputes. He limits his Arbitration practice to the following areas:

-Church Disputes

-Religious Arbitration

-Commercial Disputes

-Business to Business Disputes


Singh has also taught Arbitration Theory and Practice at Willamette University College of Law from 2008-2016 and he has published articles in the field of Religious Arbitration. Singh has spoken at Arbitration Conferences in Canada, India, United States, New Zealand and Australia.