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Starting with his Dispute Resolution training at University of Missouri-Columbia and at Hamline University, Minnesota, Dr. Singh has been invited to speak on diverse topics nationally and internationally.

Dr. Singh has delivered above 50 keynote addresses and 500 talks in over 40 countries. Most recently in 2021 he delivered 60 talks including talks for: 

International Academy of Mediators, American Bar Association, Section for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University, University of Oklahoma, City of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Weinstein International Foundation, Willamette University, ADR Center Global, Amity Law School, Mediators Poet Society, Ecuador, ADR Brazil, Southern California Mediation Association, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Federal Judicial Center, Supreme Court of India, Mumbai International Arbitration Center, Salt Lake City Police Department, Mediation Conference, Greece, and PMU, Saudi Arabia.

Subject Matter:

Dr. Singh has spoken generally on dispute resolution and international dispute resolution. Generally, he enjoys speaking on:

  • Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution
  • Breaking Impasse for difficult mediations
  • Connection and building trust
  • Memory and Conflict Resolution
  • Listening from Eastern and Western Perspective
  • Managing Organizational Conflicts
  • Resolving Conflicts Inter-Generationally
  • Human Inspiration post 2021
  • Spirituality and Conflict Resolution
  • Mediating Internationally: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Creating Compassion at home and at work
  • Effective Ways to Reach Agreement
  • Leadership and Change
  • Growth Mindset: Best Practices

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