Straus Institute Continues to Excel in Dispute Resolution!

It's been a pleasure to be part of Straus Institute, a place that is build up of people with integrity, service and a vision to excel. We just had our "Inside Straus" magazine published and if you click on the picture below you will be able to open a PDF copy of the magazine for free! Enjoy reading!

Consumption vs. Creation!

While teaching my first cross-cultural dispute resolution class for the new year here at Pepperdine Law, a student (let’s use a fictitious name: Jim) walked up to me and asked, “Prof. Singh you motivate us to write and publish but how can I publish something, when almost everything in law that I want to write in is already published?” I smiled and said, “I am going to give you an indirect reply, if you don’t mind, followed by a direct reply.” Jim nodded in affirmative and I asked, “do you listen to music”, “Yes, I love music!” came the reply. I asked, well that’s great and I love music too but please tell me one thing. Jim by now is giving me his full attention. I asked, “Which song from 200