Singh is passionate for mediation. Having successfully resolved hundreds of mediations, he takes a select number of cases each year. Dr. Singh practices in a wide variety of areas and is currently focusing on the following subject matter: 

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Public Policy Disputes
  • Business to Business Conflicts
  • Faith-Based Conflicts
  • Cross-Border Conflicts
  • Cross-Cultural Conflicts

Dr. Singh currently teaches both Mediation Theory and Practice and Advanced Mediation Courses at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law.

Dr. Singh also directs the Mediating the Litigated Case, a world renowned six-day training course. Singh is known for his expertise in:

  • International Mediation, Mediation Eco-Systems and Legislation
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Universal Approach to Mediation
  • Understand the dynamics of Mediator’s Mind.
  • How to create Trust to win parties’ confidence
  • How to break Mediation Impasse: advanced strategies
  • Learning International Mediation Landscape
  • Wisdom of Pre-Mediation Meetings
  • Cultural Fluency in Mediation
  • Co-Mediation Models and Approaches
  • Comparative Mediation Legislation
  • Importance of Singapore Convention
  • Final Written Agreement
  • Enforceability and Mediation Agreement

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