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Conflict is in our homes, it is in our businesses, in our government as well as non-Government organizations. Dr. Singh has consulted with Governments from City to State and has helped organizations from Churches to multi-million-dollar construction companies in

  • Understanding the source of conflict
  • Studying the role played by systems
  • Exploring options to evaluate approaches to conflict resolution
  • Implementing customized options to achieve efficiency
  • Creating a plan for short terms as well as long term resolutions

Singh is an expert conflict resolver, having learned his negotiation and conflict resolution tools and traits from diverse cultures. Singh has represented clients in India, U.S.A., Canada, among other countries and has successfully consulted with State Governments, Judiciary, non-profit and for-profit businesses and Churches and Schools. His negotiation traits are based on the values of respect, assertion, and empathy. 

He has trained more than two thousand business professionals, graduate law and business students in negotiation theory and practice and has received remarkable evaluations. He currently teaches a Cross-Cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution course at Pepperdine University, University of Southern California, and at Hamline University


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